UCEA Executive Officers

UCEA President: Barbara Pinzon

UCEA President: Barbara Pinzon.   -    Bpinzonucea@gmail.com
1st Vice President: Rebecca King.     -    Rkingucea@gmail.com
2nd Vice President: Erin McGorty.   - Emcgortyucea@gmail.com
3rd Vice President: Jeanette Doody.  -Jdoodyucea@gmail.com
4th Vice President: Leo Gosseling.     - Gosselin2009.LG@gmail.com
Corresponding Secretary: Priscilla Arroyo.  - Parroyoucea@gmail.com
Recording Secretary: Astrid Amar.    -
Treasurer: Eva Camilo.   -  Ecamiloucea@gmail.com

2021/2022 School Building Reps

Please see the schedule for times & dates for upcoming meetings.

Congratulations and Welcome to the Chief Building Reps for the 2021/2022 school year.

  • Geoff Gingerich -Jose Marti Stem Academy
  • Robert Dubris – UCHS
  • Eliana Such – Colin Powell
  • Lisa Tusa – Sara Gilmore
  • Stephen Petric – Jefferson
  • Carlos Cueto– A.C.C.E.
  • Yanira Santiago – Washington
  • Frank Balzano – Roosevelt
  • Sareska Martinez – Hudson
  •  Aileen Jones – Veterans
  • Vincent Bonito – Emerson
  • Tim Rausenberger– Robert Waters
  • Susan Aziz -Edison
  • Irma Arencibia – Adult Learning Center
  • Kerrie Kirk –  Union Hill
  • Danielle McGorty – Early Childhood Center
  • Eva Festa - B.O.E

Building reps will be responsible for collecting personal emails from the members in their building.  They will do this in order to forward board notes, updates, and monthly information we discuss during the executive committee meetings.

It is important to note that proxy voting is not allowed, but each building should send a representative to the executive committee meetings when they are unable to attend in order to keep your building informed.