Members, please be advised that the Educators Health Plan is effective 1/1/2021Horizon is behind in updating their systems.  Cards will be mailed to you but in the meantime please use your old ones.

  • Lisa Narcise, works in conjunction with the Board of Education and deals with our health benefits. She has spoken with administration and has let them know adjustments to payroll deductions will show in the next paycheck.   There will be a retro adjustment back to the 1/1 check in the next payroll. Any questions about health insurance please email Lisa directly: Lnarcise@relinsgroup.com
  • Any questions about your actual paycheck please contact the payroll department at the Board of Education. https://www.ucboe.us/apps/pages/payroll_department

The new health plan is called, the New Jersey Educator’s Health Plan (NJEHP) and the insurance provider is still Horizon.  This plan covers any and all employees who work for the Educational system. This comes with Chapter 78 relief.

Some important information includes that the district offers two open enrollment periods a year.  This means you are able to change your plan during that time. These periods take place in the Spring around March, and during the Fall around September.  If you switch to the new NJEHP and change your mind or don’t like it you will be able to switch back to the BCBS plan when we have open enrollment again.

For the NJEHP the things that have changed are the prescriptions, percentages, specialist, and the emergency room visit cost. No changes have been made concerning dental or eye coverage.

Changes with NJEHP

  • Prescriptions will cost you $5 and automatically be generic. If you get the brand name prescription because they don’t have a generic the cost will be $10, and if you want the brand name while the generic is available you will have to pay the difference.
  • Mail in order Prescriptions will now cost $10 for generic brands. $20 for brand name when no generic is available, and again paying the difference when you get a brand name but a generic is available.
  • Percentages - The NJEHP is based off a percentage of your salary and is not a flat rate how BCBS is. Please see attached picture labeled Percentage Table. Find your base salary amount, what plan you would choose (Single, Parent/children, Two Adults, Family) and look at percentage amount that pertains to you.
  • Specialist - Specialist will now be a $15 copay
  • Emergency Room - ER visits will cost a $100 copay *Payment at the in network level across the board applies only in true Medical Emergencies & Accidental Injuries*

You can visit HorizonBlue.com  and use the box in the upper right-hand corner to check and see if your Doctor takes the NJEHP.

If you did not fill out the required google form you will automatically be enrolled into the NJEHP. Plans will change starting this January on the 1st of 2021. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Lisa Narcise. She works in conjunction with the Board of Education dealing with our health benefits. Here is Lisa’s email, Lnarcise@relinsgroup.com  

Attached you will find the percentage table for the NJEHP, and the comparison of the difference in the plans side by side.

Trad vs D5 vs D15 vs NJEHP

*Updated Dental*

Members, please be advised that the UCBOE has changed our dental provider as of August 2021. Please download the MetLife app to show at your dentist office. See attached link below for detailed information.

Dental Mobile App Flyer (1)