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NJEA members urged to have an active voice in the process

NJEA is committed to the establishment of an evaluation system that will promote advancements in teaching practice and support for meaningful growth in both professional and student learning. There are many resources (see below) available to NJEA members and leaders to support them in their work.

Now that the State Board of Education has adopted the regulations that govern the new AchieveNJ evaluation system, NJEA members and leaders must continually give attention to some important activities:

  1. Ensure that the district provides ongoing training and professional development in the adopted evaluation framework;
  2. Participate in the work of the District Evaluation Advisory Committee (DEAC) and each School Improvement Committee (ScIP) to ensure that the interests and perspectives of teachers are considered and honored;
  3. Send members of all the district ScIPs to the ScIP support sessions scheduled in each county;
  4. Establish and support an Association Evaluation Committee (AEC) to advocate for members in the evaluation process; and,
  5. Establish an ongoing dialogue between the Association and the superintendent and board of education on all issues related to teaching practice

Educator Evaluation in New JerseyAcheive NJ: Learn. Teah. Lead.





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