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Did you know that you may qualify for Teacher Loan Forgiveness Programs???

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NJEA seeks teacher leaders for advisory board

Educators in the LeadDo you have a strong commitment and vision to improving education in New Jersey? Are you looking for an opportunity to have input into a major initiative to enhance leadership opportunities for teachers in public schools?  Are you willing to put your nose to the grindstone for your colleagues across the state? If so, NJEA might have just the job for you.

The new Teacher Leader Endorsement law calls for an advisory board to recommend requirements for programs of study that will lead to the teacher leader endorsement as well as develop recommendations on what teacher leadership will look like in everyday practice in schools across the state.

Members of the board will serve two years terms.  Of the 11-member board, five will be teachers, four of those recommended by NJEA, with the fifth being recommended by NJ AFT.

NJEA is reaching out to members in a broad way to find the best candidates to represent the teachers on the Teacher Leader Advisory Board.  If you would like to be considered for recommendation by NJEA, please SIGN IN, complete the Teacher Leader Advisory Board Application and email it to teacherleader@njea.org by Nov. 2.