Union City Education Association

Events / Meetings


Board watch is a grassroots effort to encourage association members to attend school board meetings and take an active role in education. Your participation is important in keeping the school board responsive to the needs of our association. The School Board is responsible for creating policies, setting budget priorities, and addressing important education issues and decisions that ultimately impact our members, and must ultimately be implemented by our members.  Education is an important shared responsibility. It is also important to develop a good relationship with our school board members.  Your opinion and communicating back to our members is essential! If you’re interested in what’s going on, we encourage you to sign up to attend board meetings by emailing Toni Fellowes UCEA president at afellowesucea@gmail.com.   We want to be association advocates and keep our membership well informed! When education associations and school boards work together, our students are the winners!

ESP Academy

NJEA is committed to the continued professional development of all of its members.  That’s why we created the ESP Career Academy, which will equip ESP members with the skills they need to excel in their diverse careers.

The ESP Career Academy has three components to meet the needs of ESP members.

Part one:  Online career development programs

Learn the latest trends in your field of expertise from the comfort of your home.  NJEA’s Online Career Development Programs are a convenient way to brush up on your skills on your own timetable.  These courses are part of NJEA’s comprehensive e-learning program.  Just click here and log into njea.org with your PIN number, or e-mail address, and your password.

Part two:  NJEA Seminars and workshops

Let NJEA bring high quality, professional development to your job site.  We will work closely with your local association leadership to schedule workshops and seminars.  Workshop topics include:  Building positive home/school/community relationships, conflict resolution, effective witnessing and report writing, health and safety, nonviolent crisis intervention, PowerPoint, safe schools, and stress management.

Part three:  College partnerships

NJEA is partnering with the community colleges of New Jersey to offer on-site career development training for ESP members.

These programs are designed to meet the needs of general categories of ESP members, as well as specific categories of ESP members.

  • Completion of up to 200 hours of non-credit instruction developed and delivered by NJEA and the college faculties, plus 36 months employment and membership, result in the Certificate of Competency in Education Support Services.
  • Completion of 15 college credits results in the College 27 credit hour Certificate in Educational Support Services.
  • Completion of 33 additional college credits results in the AAS Technical Studies Degree in Educational Support Services.