Union City Education Association



The mission of the Union City Education Association is to champion and protect the rights of all members and to promote a high-quality public education system so that all students may succeed in a diverse and global community.


The Union City Education Association shall be an affiliate of the Hudson County Education Association, the New Jersey Educational Association and the National Education Association.

The Purposes of the Union City Education Association is:

  • To work for the welfare of students, the advancement of education, and the improvement of opportunities for all;
  • To develop and promote the adoption of such personnel policies and standards of preparation as reflect a profession;
  • To advance professional rights and status and responsibilities of its member as educators;
  • To represent its members and other employees in negotiations and grievances with the School Board on all matters of compensation and all other terms and conditions of employment;
  • To form a representative body to speak with authority for the members;
  • To establish cooperation between the educator and the community.